Craddock Family

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The origins of the ancient name Craddock belongs to that Celtic tradition that comes from Wales. This surname was derived from the Walsh personal name CARADOC meaning ‘’ AMIABLE ‘’ This name was made famous by the ancient Walsh military leader Caratacos who opposed the Roman occupation of Britain. His stronghold is believed to be located at Cardigan in South Wales. He was captured and taken to Rome as prisoner in 51 AD but because of his bravery his life was spared by Roman Emperor Claudius

Craddock :: coat of armsIn the middle ages many spelling variations of the name are recorded including Caradoc, Cradoc, Craddoch and many more.  It is generally believed that the Craddock clan came to Ireland as a protection army for one of the English planters and possibly settled in the townland now called Craddocks town. in Co Kildare. There are at least 4 Craddock family groups in Ireland:- one in Naas Co Kildare, One Thurles Co Tipperary, One in Headford North Co Galway, and one in Shrule , South Co Mayo. Old records show another Craddock family group existed at Cloonbanane on the Galway/ Mayo border but this family appear to have been become extinct.

This site is a record of all the descendants of that first John Craddock both male and Female

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